Friday, November 16, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude Tweets of the Day 11/16/12

These look good enough to eat--woops, they're rocks.


1. On Gratitude & Thankful Stones (+ a Giveaway!) 

2.  Parent Determination Leads to Son's Success with Assistive Technology 

3.  For Gamers With Autism, Online Worlds a Cycle of Attraction and Fear 

4.  Can Kids Be Taught Persistence? 

5. To Help Kids With Autism Build Social Skills, Let Them Have Fun!

A local special-needs experts talks about the role of recreation in making kids on the spectrum become more comfortable socially. 

The winner is each one of these adorable kids.
6.  And the winner is … 

7. Social and Emotional Learning 

Thank a Student

8Dental Tool Kit 

She learned that move  from a Behavior Modification Class in grad. school.







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