Monday, January 14, 2013

A Girl's Place in Education, According to Mind/Shift

Grand Theft Auto? Probably not.

Girls and Games: What’s the Attraction?

For instance, girls are more drawn to games that require problem solving in context, that are collaborative (played through social media) and that produce what’s perceived to be a social good. 

Girls and Math: Busting the Stereotype’s not that girls aren’t necessarily interested in science and math, it’s whether they’re discouraged from following their interests because of the persistent stereotype that girls aren’t good at that sort of thing. 

Can Stereotyping Girls Harm Boys Too?

“What makes the difference is the belief that failures are dependent on genetic reasons.” 

Girls Cyberbully More than Boys

Read what parents can do to prevent by using software and other online tools that block offenders.

Is Lego Stereotyping Girls with New Product Line?

Does Lego Friends just reinforce some of the stereotypes that already exist?

Video Games Built Just for Girls

There isn’t swordplay here. No princesses to rescue. No alien invaders to vanquish. 


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