Saturday, January 26, 2013

Best Articles for Educators Week of 1/26/13

Nancy and Jay

Here is a variety of excellent articles for educators I have culled for this week

1.  Autism Strains Yet Strengthens a Marriage 

A seriously disabled son puts stress on a marriage, but Nancy Clarke and Jay Petrow find a way to stay together and find joy.  

2. ‘STEAM’ education gains momentum in schools

A growing number of experts say the arts should be included in STEM education initiatives. 

3. Finding Students' Hidden Strengths and Passions

miraculous discoveries must be discovered. That is, action must be taken to find what is hidden. Let's be sure we are taking those actions so that our students do not lose some of their most deeply treasured possessions: their strengths and passions. 

4. Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting 

Suggestions to help you feel more at ease and able to participate as a full member of the team that plans your child's special education program. 

 5. Joel Klein and the Ed-Tech Zeitgeist

Former New York City schools chief turned tech CEO talks with WSJ about the future of classroom technology.

 6. Nothing is more important than teaching compassion

Teaching schoolchildren happiness, empathy, altruism and compassion has proven beneficial results for classroom learning as a whole, says Vinciane Rycroft. 

7. We’ll Say It in Plain English: 20,000 Kids Have Been Set Up to Fail

 California schools are neglecting thousands of kids who struggle to speak English. If this does not change, the ACLU plans to sue the state. 

English language learners in California are primarily Hispanic, but there is also a large population of Vietnamese and Hmong student who need services. (Photo: Washington Post/Getty Images)



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