Friday, February 1, 2013

Best Articles for Educators Week of 2/2/13

1. Girls and Science: A Dream Deferred

  We must recognize that girls' choices might be linked to this old legacy of prejudice. 

2. The Antivaccine Movement and “Autism Biomed” vs. “Outgrowing” Autism 

...should provide hope to parents of autistic children by emphasizing that autism is not static. 

3. Advice to Help a Stepparent Start Strong

I’d appreciate any advice from those who have successfully navigated this difficult territory.

Langston Hughes



4. 7 Bell-Ringers for Remembering Langston Hughes

What happens to a dream deferred? 



5. Are Athletes “Meatheads”—Or Smarter Than You Are?

This is a paradox I see again and again: there’s the common stereotype of athletes as not-too-intelligent “meatheads. 

6. The Best Way to Solve Your Child's Problems

Kids feel more capable when they get a chance to figure things out for themselves. 

7.  In Teaching Math, What’s the Right Mix of Content and Context?

 “I’d like to delete polynomial functions, but I’d like my students to see a roller coaster and think, ‘There must be math involved in that,’ and to go online and try and figure that out.”





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