Monday, March 25, 2013

Articles For Educators Week of 3/25/13

Mother helping autistic son. I really love this picture.

1. Autism Is Not a Parenting Fail 

"It is not parents who are failing. We didn't create the model of autism that says they are Not Normal and must learn to be Normal. We didn't create a developmental timeline that doesn't allow for variations for those children that just need more time. We didn't look at the outside behavior and ignore the inside neurology." 

2. Internet Access for All: A New Program Targets Low-Income Students

 But cost is not the only barrier. Many people don’t understand how the Internet could benefit their lives or how to use it. That’s why the campaign includes a media blitz through radio, TV, and print publications that target the population they are trying to reach. The ads feature first person narratives of digital literacy improving quality of life. 

3. Teaching Children How To Make A Difference

..."children just like them are going hungry, it completely puts it into perspective for them." 

4. Teach Babies to Communicate Before They Can Talk

Parents realize the benefits of signing and that it gives babies a way to communicate before they can talk. 

5. How To Innovate Like Einstein

Good innovation almost always starts with noticing a problem or opportunity, contemplating a range of solutions, experimenting and interacting with those that have the challenge or problem, iterating a solution and then commercializing. 

6. When Family Stories Are Hard to Tell 

When stories are difficult, tell them anyway.
Tell them with as much humor and openness as you can, she said. “Children deserve to be playful about who they are,” she said, “and to be proud, and to interpret their own stories into their own ideas.”








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