Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Las Vegas: A Nerd's Spring Break

Robby the Robot, "Quiet, please, I am analyzing."   http://www.nationalatomictestingmuseum.org/

Las Vegas is beautiful now--during the day especially. So rather than stay penned up in the casinos, here goes a nerd's version of Spring Break, which involves traveling outside and is minus the gambling, booze and risky behavior, of course. 

The National Atomic Testing Museum is now associated with the Smithsonian and is not located on the Strip, but to the east on Flamingo. I've driven by there for years, but I am so pleased that finally I stopped in at my daughter's advice.

In the Reading Room.
Karen Green, the curator for the museum, graciously gave me background on the museum. There are  lectures, tours, and special programs for students. The museum is extensive, and attractively set up, the docents and staff are most pleasant.

There are so many artifacts from the testing era, I found it a little disconcerting. Kind of like being in Dr. Strangelove.

Well-dressed in the Bomb Shelter.
 The Area 51 (yes, there really is an Area 51) display focuses on the science and military communities' analysis of the 'alien from outer space' controversies. I did not see Mulder or Scully, but maybe the cigarette smoking man. I'm assuming the truth is out there.

Being a child of the 60s, I remember the concept of  having a bomb shelter in the backyard. We did not have one. Guess our family was just going to take their chances. This display is similar to nuclear test replicas from 1955 mannequin populated villages.  J. C. Penney's donated the clothing; don't know if the catalog had bomb shelters available.

The buck stopped there.
Cleaning it up!
The museum chronicles the development, history and use of the bombs, reminding us of Truman's role in the nuclear story. 

Nevada is still involved.  

Here is the museum's site.


I also stopped by the Venetian for the
50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic.

Lots of vast vistas, polar bears, tears and a few moments of joy. Catching the moment at it's most profound.

This was my favorite: Girls Running Home by William Albert Allard

This limited engagement exhibition is now on display in the Imagine Exhibitions Gallery at The Venetian.


The 'Watch Your Step' marker and bucket were not part of the display.

The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is now displaying a collection of  Andy Warhol. Very refreshing. It is hard to discribe--but don't miss it, even if you are a traditionalist. I included one of his paintings in a blog last year--and got to see it in person at this exhibit. Pretty cool. Here is the link to the blog and painting: 

Who Showed You Who You Are? 










The Conservatory at the Bellagio was a treasure, as always. There was a green house display full of butterflies--but one Painted Lady escaped! You go, girl!


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