Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ed Tech and STEM: A Mind/Shift STEM Tutorial 10/6/13

1. Why Are Women Still Walking Away From Science? 

2. How Teachers Mix Online Math with Classroom Instruction 

 “A computer as of yet cannot help a student develop that deep mathematical reasoning and connecting concepts”

3. 5 Tools to Introduce Programming to Kids 

4. What Online Tools Work for Teaching Language Arts? 

 “This is so much more creative, inventive and exciting. As a teacher I am so much more energized.”

5. Finding the Beauty in Math 

6. What’s Worth Investing In? How to Decide What Technology You Need 

 7. Combining Computer Games with Classroom Teaching 

  “Instructors have to find the balance between occupying students with something fun, and giving them an opportunity to learn something important.”

8. All Hands On Deck: Getting Kids Excited About STEM 

 “To get kids excited, you need to introduce them to somebody who is excited already and can convey that excitement.”





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