Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ed Tech and STEM Tweets of the Day 1/22/14

Hey, check out these great sites for ed tech!

This first site is the giant of ed tech sites. Not only does it have info on lots of new innovations, but also articles for the newly-ed-tech-initiated that are not too complicated for a beginner.
Edudemic also has articles on teaching methods and learning theory. Their chief-cook-and bottle-washer, Katie Lepi, is not only an actual classroom teacher, but has an instinct for what educators need and want to know. She also has a good sense of humor. 

Who doesn't want a freebie?
 This site serves the most knowledgeable in ed tech.
 Ed Tech Review will send you a plethora of interesting info every day. 
  Well, maybe technology made  easier.
Great for BYOD classrooms.

 Edutopia has everything a teacher could want, an emporium of helpfulness. The ed tech spin is info and advice for the working classroom, for folks who actually see children everyday.

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