Saturday, September 19, 2015

Autumn Activity: Planting It Forward

Daffodils (February) We can all use some Screaming Yellow Daffodils during the dreary winter.

Flowers outside in the winter? Isn't it too cold? Not for the bulb variety. And it's time for the family to give a gift y'all will begin to receive in about February by planting bulbs now.

A daffodil bulb; see you in February!

In my zone, I start planting daffodil bulbs in fall so I can wander lonely as a cloud and come upon daffodils dancing spritely (reference to Wordsworth's poem.) There are other early spring bulbs, too. Children of all ages can participate and be astounded when such beauty comes up from something that looks like an onion. And they make an appearance every year. Bulbs are inexpensive, directions are not complicated; it is well worth the effort. Something to anticipate during the let down of grey, blustery days after the major holidays.

Tulips (March)

Hyacinth (March) Great scent.

I am always so thrilled to see the little plants coming up.

As Spring approaches, it is as if the flowers are playing Vivaldi, it is so joyous and lovely, straight through to summer. It is amazing every year. 

Of course, I'm not alone in this celebration, even if I'm posting these pictures of my flowers as if they are my beloved children.

This is a sentiment I share with Vincent. (Van Gogh, that is.)

Van Gogh, Flower beds in Holland

Van Gogh Irises

Iris (March/April)

Children can help grandparents or auntie and uncle plant some bulbs in their garden--what a lovely memory that is.

Lilies, Easter and Tiger (June)

Some flowers are associated with holidays, like Easter Lilies--but spring flowers are always good for Mother's Day or even Father's Day (lots of dads, grandpas, uncles and cousins are gardeners. It is America's favorite hobby.)

Matt's Ongoing Garden Gift to his mom.

Red tulip.

My nephew was a wonderful gardener, and put several winter bulbs in his mom's (my sister's) garden. 

Sadly, Matt is no longer with us, but his gift of flowers comes up every year. What a lovely way to be remembered.

I added a red tulip to my sister's garden in Matt's area last year to honor him.

Bulbs will multiply every few years, so they will need to be separated and replanted, which expands your garden. Or, you can share the bulbs with friends or family. They can also be planted in small containers as gifts.

Gladiola (June)

Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother's garden, particularly the gladiolas. And my grandpa took time to tell me the names of all the flowers and plants when we would take walks around the neighborhood. So--it's now your turn to plant some precious memories!

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