Friday, September 18, 2015

Next Week's Lesson Plans 9/19/15

Oh, man, time to do lesson plans again already?
These links may help you develop plans for current events.

Pope Francis Visit 2015

Pope to Address the Humble and the Powerful Alike in a Three-City U.S. Visit

These links are good resources to bring depth to your lesson planning: 

How to Incubate Creativity in School Through Making and Discovery 

How Technology Should Have Already Changed Your Teaching 

These links are fresh classroom incentives to give your class something to look forward to. 

Students really love a chance to draw--even for five minutes before the bell rings. And this helps their skill level for science journals, graphic organizers, and good ole self expression.

How to Draw Trees 

Drawing Lessons: Drawing Skies and Clouds 

 These links will help you keep organized (and sane):

Make Time to Teach:Ten Tools For Reducing Paperwork

Five Keys to Successful Parent-Teacher Communication


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