Saturday, October 17, 2015

Next Week's Lesson Plans 10/17/18

Ooh, color coded for the visual learner type teacher. 

These links may help you develop plans for current events.

Here are polar opposites in the 2016 Election. Raising the rhetoric with substance and definition of terms--adults might want to look into this, especially when designing FB memes. 

Campaign 2016  

What One Historian Wishes Bernie Sanders Said About Being a Socialist 

What conservatives want from the next speaker of the House  

These links are good resources to bring depth to your lesson planning.

Understanding Dyslexia

10 Ways to Bring Active Learning To Your Classroom

These links will help you make your STEM lessons more happening.

Make Lightning! 

Engineering Activities  

 These links will help you make your class more vibrant and less mind-boggingly monotonous (I say this from personal experience.) 

Autumn has such a funky personality, take advantage and have some fun. Pumpkin design can reflect some SEL (Social and Emotional Learning.)

4 DIY Autumn Home Decor Craft Ideas Using Leaves

Pumpkin Carving Stencils Designs And Patterns Online Will Make Your Halloween Spooky

These links will help you keep organized (and sane):

Getting Started with Google Classroom 

Teaching Is Learning Ed Tech





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