Thursday, October 1, 2015

Road Trip! Picasso, Picard, and Conan

Now we fondly reminisce about summer escapades as fall responsibilities weigh heavily upon us.
Even MzTeachuh does that. So let's, review: Road Trip Summer 2015!

Las Vegas! The Picasso exhibit at the Bellagio. His printmaking process was most interesting.

T'Soth and T'Mel
T'Mel and Captain Picard.
 Las Vegas 
Star Trek Convention! 
Vulcans T'Mel and T'Soth (MzTeachuh and daughter) analyzed the purview with great logic.
Always great to catch up with Jean-Luc.

What is the trouble with tribbles? It remained a mystery that Spock wasn't much help solving.
Some help here, Mr. Spock!
MzT and daughter impatiently waiting for the show.
I met Conan--sort of.
Drive south to Beautiful Downtown Burbank! Why on earth? To see Conan! We checked out Warner Bros.' studios, clapped and whooped and laughed at the Conan Show. A jolly good time was had by all.

So elegant!

Not the only stars to see in LA are in studios We went to Griffith Observatory. OMG! it is so glorious. The building itself is a work of art, and the drive through Griffith Park is just lovely. Lots of families seeing the moon rock and many demonstrations and it is really cool. Especially the Tesla Coil. 

Griffith Observatory Tesla Coil -500000 Volts record with Sony NEX-5 16mm lens 1080i 60fps AVCHD 

Cool new Visitor Center at Mt. Charleston!

Drive back to Vegas--up the Cajon Pass--past the World's Tallest Thermometer (Baker, CAL) and the Alien Jerky Store--buzzing along the I15 to finish the best road trip for nerds ever (nerds and proud.)

A lovely hike up the mountains surrounding Las Vegas. Who knew there was nature in Vegas? We do! Mt. Charleston is spectacular this time of year!  
Hiking up a trail at Mt. Charleston, near Las Vegas, NEV.

Now I'm dreaming of the next road trip...


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