Thursday, January 28, 2016

Educational Links 1/29/16

Reading Rainbow Unveils New Classroom Site Today 

'For students to thrive, we need to accept the new curriculum not work against it' 

Black, Hispanic Students Tend to Have Less Experienced Math Teachers 

As School Becomes More Collaborative, How Do Introverted Teachers Cope? 

Election 2016: Lesson Plans and Digital Resources for Educators 

Literacy & Gender Equity: Developer Requests Ideas & Feedback 

The Future of Education Isn’t Free. It’s Open. 

Matching Edtech Products With Neurological Learning Goals 

Joy and enthusiasm are essential for learning -- literally, scientifically, and as a matter of fact and research -- and the best edtech can help us increase these responses in our students. If you start with a clear goal and ask relevant, critical questions of what you’re considering, you're well on your way to improving student achievement in your classroom.

Dr. Judy Willis, M.D. 

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