Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Educational Links 2/4/16


What’s Lost When Kids Are ‘Under-connected’ to the Internet?

Conferring Notes: Gathering Data 

8 Tools for Kids With Dysgraphia 

ADHD Plus: 10 Conditions That May Show Up with Attention Deficit 

Navigating Toward Personalized Professional Development 

Research says a reverse gender gap exists for kids who grow up in poverty 

'Supporting a student who has experienced loss can impact upon everything a teacher does' 

Education Secretary Calls For Fewer (But Better) Tests 

But King's call for "ensuring assessments move beyond bubble tests" to "multiple measures," including "writing, problem-solving and critical thinking," may be a tall order. With the adoption of the Common Core (followed in many states by the rejection of those standards), states have already seen rapid turnover in their assessment regimes in the last decade or so.


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