Saturday, March 5, 2016

Educational Links 3/6/16

Teachers Are... 

Free Nonfiction Reading Lessons K-2 Interactive Activities and Teaching Guides 

Why the Common Core Will Be Declared a Failure 

Understanding Attention Deficit: The New ADHD 

An individualized approach to training special ed teachers 

Oakland District at Heart of Drive to Transform Urban Schools 

Google Science Fair Open Now Until May 17th 

Raising Compassionate Kids 

The Biggest Hole in STEM Pipeline Starts Before Kindergarten 

It’s a well-established problem that too few blacks and Hispanics, and too few women of all colors, pursue degrees and careers in the sciences. And much research has gone into why minority students aren’t taking as many science classes in high school, and later in college, as their white counterparts do. Wonks call it the “leaky STEM pipeline,” referring to all the students who leave science, technology, engineering and math as they progress through their educational careers.
But a new study indicates that the STEM pipeline might have a giant hole in it far earlier than many of us ever thought: before kindergarten.



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