Saturday, April 9, 2016

Educational Links 4/10/16

Teacher Development 

Treat Attention Deficit Disorder Symptoms Through Writing 

9 Terms to Know If Your Child Struggles With Writing Issues 

The 7 pillars of today’s digital leadership 

Why We Want Our Students to Ask More Questions in the Classroom 

How the Maker Movement is Opening Eyes to STEM 

How to Develop a School Culture That Helps Curb Bullying 

 Ensure that teachers, coaches and school administrators aren’t modeling bullying.When kids see adults at school mistreat one another, they can’t help but conclude that such conduct is actually OK, regardless of what they’re told. Of even greater harm is when teachers and coaches oppress the kids they’re instructing; screaming at athletes for making mistakes, for example, or humiliating kids in the classroom, underscores a message that harsh interpersonal behavior is the way of the world.

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