Friday, June 3, 2016

Educational Links 6/4/16

10 Ways To Stop Taking Recess Away

What Doesn't Work: Literacy Practices We Should Abandon 

Results-driven mindset enhances special ed 

Mathematics, Everywhere for Everyone

12 Sure Fire Ways to Unlock Successful PBL

12 Sure-Fire Ways To Unblock Successful PBL 

Can Reading Logs Ruin Reading for Kids? 

The Simplest Ways to Get Started with Education Technology 

Do You Believe In Colorblindness Or In Multiculturalism? 

 In America’s political sphere, and on our university campuses especially, the question of how we should handle differences—racial, ethnic, cultural—has assumed front-and-center importance. You might say there are two approaches available. One is to assume the posture of “colorblindness”: to downplay differences, to say “I treat everyone the same.” The other is to adopt the stance of “multiculturalism”: to acknowledge, embrace, and make accommodations for differences among people.

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