Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Educational Links 7/27/16

How to Become and Remain a Transformational Teacher


 How to Set up an Art Cart


Attention Deficit: Biological Condition or Cultural Creation?


7 Executive Function Deficits Tied to ADHD


Four Ways to Keep Students' Attention


Treating Challenges as Design Opportunities


U.S. Secretary of Education: Let's Educate, Not Incarcerate


The return on investment in American education to individuals and to society at large has been growing in both relative and absolute terms since 1980.It is well known that, statistically, people who are well-educated earn substantially more, pay more in taxes, are less likely to be unemployed, live longer, are healthier, and are more likely to vote.Yet, in spite of that, our society is increasing spending on locking people up faster than it is on educating them. Our investments in punishing people for their failures are outpacing our investments in ensuring their success.




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