Saturday, August 27, 2016

Educational Links 8/28/16

Igniting Student Writer Voice With Writing Process Strategies 

10 Easy Ways To Create an Amazing #SchoolCulture as a Principal This Year

Video: LeVar Burton meets today's learners where they are 

Finally, Apps That Build Productive Habits 

33 Digital Tools for Advancing Formative Assessment in the Classroom 

Understanding Dyslexia 

Why You School Needs A Social Worker$35-000-here's-how-to-spend-it 

 Maybe, just maybe, we should try spending our few spare dollars on some preventative measures for our kids. I guarantee you that if all your kids are fed and taken care of and have someone supportive to talk to, you’ll have fewer discipline problems. I promise that if you make sure all your kids have a quiet and safe place to do their homework, grades at your school will improve.  And I know for a fact that if parents see your school as a resource for their family’s needs, they’ll be a whole lot more supportive and involved.

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