Sunday, September 25, 2016

Educational Links 9/26/16

See what a kid with autism sees for 90 eye-opening seconds. 

Mindfulness for Educators 

Every 504 Plan Should Include These ADHD Accommodations 

Does Presence Equal Progress? Tracking Engagement in Online Schools 

What is Adaptive Learning? 

365 Creative Writing Prompts 

How Pineapple Charts Revolutionize Professional Development

In fact, so many teachers bristle at the thought of PD because most of the time, it’s executed so poorly. Although the typical one-size-fits-all format—where every teacher in the building is herded together to listen to an expert speak—has been widely denounced, it still persists as the default model. Sometimes, if the speaker happens to be engaging, some teachers will walk away with a small tidbit they can apply to their own work. For most teachers, though, it feels like a waste of precious time, time that could be spent developing skills that would make a real difference in their specific practice.

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