Monday, October 10, 2016

Baseball Tonight!--Playoffs--and AT&T Park Herb Garden

The Garden, at San Francisco Giants Stadium--with the best gourmet cooks in baseball!
So yummy--flatbread beyond words.
Hey, Cubs fans, please get  flatbread at the Garden at AT &T Park tonight, and hopefully, the next one or two nights, also.  Of course, you are there to break the 108 year World Series Winning drought, but you might as well have unbelievably delicious food while you're at it. And this is the most vegan park in baseball.

A fan is born (on the left.)
My daughter and I were there about 10 days ago. It was glorious! (Of course, I'm a lifelong S F Giants fans, so it had to be.)

 The most beautiful stadium in baseball with the best food--win or lose, Cubbies, you'll win with the Ghiradelli hot cocoa, anything from the menu at the Garden made with fresh herbs from right there, buttery caramel popcorn, the Gilroy Garlic fries (seagulls appreciate the leftovers), and even the vegan hot dogs are really great.

There, upper left, the baseball field.
S F Giants Celery Seeds!

Enjoy the lovely experience, and we Giants fan are pretty nice, too.

The Garden is located behind Center Field, with a net above it in case a hot shot hits a homerun, which is unlikely, since AT&T Park is pitcher friendly. Except for Barry Bonds. He hit plenty there.
Wonderful, healthy food. A truly marvelous family experience, a main reason I love baseball.
Enjoy, enjoy--munching that healthy hot dog (who dreamed of such a thing?), singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," and, my dear Cubs, win or lose you get to be in picturesque San Francisco.

Hydroponics! The park offers classes to local schools.

More info on the educational side of  this Garden/Restaurant.
The Garden

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