Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Educational Links 10/5/16

List of Digital Leaders You Must Follow on Twitter 


Protest Started by Colin Kaepernick Spreads to High School Students

Highlighting Mistakes: A Grading Strategy 


Ditching Traditional Grades & My Online Grade Book


5 Free Chrome Add-Ons That Are Crazy Useful


Every 504 Plan Should Include These ADHD Accommodations


STEM Education Is Vital--but Not at the Expense of the Humanities


A seeming link between innovation and the liberal arts now intrigues countries where broad-based education is less prevalent. In most of the world, university curricula still emphasize learning skills oriented toward a specific profession or trade. The ebullience of the U.S. economy, which boasted in 2014 the highest percentage of high-tech outfits among all its public companies—has spurred countries such as Singapore to create schools fashioned after the U.S. liberal arts model.

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