Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Educational Links 12/21/16

Learning ad Attention Issues

How Boys Changed the Way I Think About Teaching

'I fear the widespread disposing of school counsellors will prove to be a false economy'

Discovery Education’s Top 9 Ideas of 2016

How to Reset Your Classroom for a New Year


Why schools are an ideal place to teach self-control

School Discipline in a Post-Obama World

5 Benefits of Inclusion Classrooms

If your child is struggling in school, you might ask if he can be placed in an inclusion classroom. In an inclusion classroom, a general education teacher and a special educationteacher work together to meet the needs of students.
Many schools have inclusion classrooms. Some have a special education teacher in the room at all times. Others have special education teachers “push in” at specific times during the day, depending on the IEP goals for the special education students. In either case, both teachers are available to help all students.

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