Friday, September 2, 2016

Education Links 9/3/16


Early ADHD Diagnosis? Don’t Forget About Learning Issues 

How Do You Teach the 4Cs to Students (Part - 1) - Creativity and Innovation 

The Work of Play 

Time to Rethink Our PD Paradigms 

Classroom Accommodations to Help Students With Learning and Attention Issues 

2 Engineering Challenges Kids Love 

Build a Rubric | Developing Writers: A Workshop for High School Teachers 

The 5 Priorities of Classroom Management 

For beginning teachers, or for teachers like myself returning to teaching, the most difficult thing to master is classroom management. I had to relearn what ten years of hard instruction had taught me: Good classroom management is more than just being strict or authoritarian, and it is more than simply being organized. If I want to have my classroom run smoothly as a well-oiled learning machine, I have to set up a structured learning environment in which certain behaviors are promoted and others are discouraged. 


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