Saturday, January 21, 2017

Educational Links 1/22/17

The Batman Effect: What My Research Shows About Pretend Play and Executive Functioning

Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class

Exclusive: Schools may try to 'lose' vulnerable pupils 

Why you should never focus on teaching someone with Asperger's social skills first (and what to do instead

Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

Top Four Ways to Support Title I Teachers

Does growing student diversity mean a renewed focus on personalized learning?

Research shows that diversity in today’s students (e.g. socio-economic background, gender, race, and previous learning experiences) is greater than ever before. In fact, a conservative 30-40 percent of students may require an alternate learning path or support during their learning, since a diverse student body means different strengths and weaknesses for each individual student.

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