Saturday, January 28, 2017

Educational Links 1/29/2017

New generation of Chromebooks designed for millions of students and educators

'Hiring an artist-in-residence was a transformational experience for my school'

How to Embrace the Student Engagement Challenge

Responsive Classroom: Empathy Is The Key

Tips for Beating Test Anxiety

How STEAM Education Can Help Shape the Creative Leaders of Tomorrow

Black Students More Likely to Be Arrested at School

ADHD Is Biological

Attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) is one of the most researched areas in child and adolescent mental health. However, much about ADHD -- including the precise cause of the disorder -- is still unknown.
We do know that ADHD is a brain-based biological disorder. Brain imaging studies using PET scanners show that brain metabolism in children with ADHD is lower in the areas of the brain that control attention, social judgment, and movement.

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