Friday, February 3, 2017

Teaching Is Hard Work That Pays Off For Generations

1. The Impact of Education on Economic and Social Outcomes 

2.  Benefits of Literacy 

3. The Effects of Education on Society

4. The Effects of Education on Health  

5. Family Literacy Can Solve Many of Nation’s Problems 

 6. Literacy Powerline

Children’s and Family Literacy

The work of Padak and Rasinski (2003) reviewed the effectiveness of family literacy programs and showed the benefits to all the component parts of the programs: the children, the parents, the families and the communities of those involved, especially in terms of both school attendance and achievement. The research indicated that family literacy programs impacted children‘s motivation, social skills, attitudes and even health. One significant finding was adult learner persistence increased when parents were enrolled in family literacy programs as opposed to only adult education classes. Another was that families in family literacy programs reported improved relationships and increased parental involvement in their children‘s educational activities. 

7. Passing the DREAM Act Would Acknowledge the Human Rights of Migrant Children and Benefit All of Us 

Donald Trump Says, Without Specifics, That He Will ‘Work Something Out’ For Dreamers

8. NCFL & Family Literacy

NCFL inspires and engages families in the pursuit of education and learning together.
  • Children’s reading scores improve dramatically when their parents are involved in helping them learn to read.
  • Low family income and a mother’s lack of education are the two biggest risk factors that hamper a child’s early learning and development. 

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