Thursday, March 30, 2017

Educational Links 3/31/17

Turning BYOD Student Devices Into Learning Tools

Differentiated Instruction in the Secondary Classroom

Free Digital Library Offers News, Poetry, Short Stories and More

Endrew F. Case Decided: Supreme Court Rules on How Much Benefit IEPs Must Provide

How Can Educators Strike a Balance Between Blended and Social-Emotional Learning?

Five Attitudes That Make Teachers More Effective and Enjoyable

5 Biggest Barriers to Education Technology

It’s hard to imagine going hours without using any sort of common technology in the course of our daily lives, but that’s exactly what happens in many classrooms across America. While education technology has grown as a field over the past few years, many schools and classrooms struggle with adopting new technology. Teachers and administrators face a multitude of hurdles and a general lack of support for education technology initiatives. For example, 71% of teachers in a 2015 survey said they think their school district needs an office dedicated solely to technology use in classrooms.

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