Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Educational Links 3/9/17

Equality Starts With Education: Why the Tech Industry Should Help Lead the Way

Real Performance Assessment

How Maker Mindsets Can Be An Easy Fit For Rural Schools

Online or Outside? Redefining child safety and risk.

Upcoming Documentary Explores Brain-Targeted Teaching Model

‘Why I came to distrust differentiation’

Play as a Test Prep Tool

What?! The prevailing wisdom is that standardized testing drains the life out of a classroom, saps students of interest and engagement, brings on unnecessary and at times crippling stress, and limits the view of what students are really learning in school.
Teaching to the test is a problem, for sure. But using the format of a standardized test as a teaching tool can enhance student learning—the question is how to do this in a way that captures students’ interest.

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