Thursday, April 20, 2017

Educational Links 4/21/17

Learning With Virtual Reality Ignites Creativity and Career Exploration

Phonics leads to easier, more accurate, reading, new research finds


Students Entering 1st Grade With Better Reading Skills Than Previously, Study Says

Recess Duty and 5 Other Moments Busy Teachers Should Prioritize

Symptom Checker

The Role of the Teacher in High-Quality PBL

How exactly is an effective project-based learning (PBL) teacher different from a non-PBL teacher? How is the practice and approach to teaching shifted? What does a PBL teacher need to do to support the PBL environment? And conversely, how can the PBL environment support the teacher?
When we collected input on ways PBL is implemented effectively and areas where PBL could be improved, many ed leaders honed in on the role of the teacher as a most pivotal point in the success of a PBL classroom. For PBL to be successful, there must be a shift in the definition and expectations of the teacher, and acceptance of breaking from the traditional “teacher and students” model.

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