Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Educational Links 4/7/17

Statewide school reform gains fans and concerns while letting students learn at their own pace

Every Moment Counts

Sensory Processing Issues Explained

Department of Education Outlines “Best Practices” for Restraint and Seclusion of Students with Special Needs

Teacher-Made Lessons Make Inroads

The Teaching Strategies of Creative Teachers

On Teaching Controversy

How Messing Up Helps Us Become Better Teachers

Writing and STEM: A Crucial Combination

When we think about what a scientist or a mathematician looks like, we rarely see a pen or pencil in hand composing a report or writing an essay. No, we think of the more glamorous side of conducting experiments and solving intricate mathematical situations.
However, one must realize, Writing is a tool to make thinking more lucid. Think about it; to be able to put words onto paper, one must extract information and then be able to portray its meaning clearly via words on a page. Carly Fiorina (former executive of Hewlett Packard) sums it up, “The goal is to transform data into information and information into insight.” Can a scientist or mathematician be considered successful with his/her theories if he/she has solved a complex problem yet cannot elucidate and interpret the solution in words? Root-Bernstein (2011) says, “Since words are our primary means of communicating, anyone who has not mastered their creative use is simply underprepared for any discipline, including STEM subjects.”

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