Friday, May 12, 2017

Summer Activity: Red, White and Blue Flowers for Memorial Day

Lobelia, red verbena, and alyssum.
Summertime and the living' is gardening. Kids enjoy going to the home improvement stores on various DIY excursions--how fun to check out the gardening section and create a festive color bowl for the front or back yard, patio, deck or even the picnic table. Color bowls are simple but pretty. 
Here are some Memorial Day favorites. 

Red pentas lanceolata, red dianthus, white alyssum, blue lobelia.

A friend said this arrangement looks like a colorful display of fireworks bursting in air...

Hurrah for the red, white and purple.

 Hanging basket of petunia, red, white and blue. Sometimes you can find them striped. Very perky.

Local garden shops have variety of cute containers. This is for cafe ole fans. Here are lobelia (you can suspect they are my favorite for the patriotic blue), red verbena and white alyssum. And here is a good word for Sweet Alyssum--it smells really good, hence the moniker.

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