Thursday, July 27, 2017

Educational Links 7/28/17

27 Simple Ways To Check For Understanding

Doorways Into Activism

Measurable Goals: How Far, By When?

Surviving Team Meetings

Love, Teach Shares 11 Poetry Prompts For Your Secondary ELA Class

Some Teens Don't See School as a Kind Place. Here's Why That Matters.

Reading, Writing & Eclipse-Watching: How We Got Our Students Excited About Aug. 21 (Op-Ed)

Five ways to tackle the most challenging pupils

Let’s be honest: when it happens day after day, challenging behaviour such as disobedience, backchat, anger issues or other disruption from a child can really grind us down. It can change us from being patient, compassionate people with a genuine desire to make a difference, into sleep-starved, wild-eyed desperados, convinced a student has a personal vendetta.

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