Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Educational Links 8/24/17

Are You Prepared to Talk About Race?

12 Strategies For Creating An Atmosphere Of Problem-Solving In Your Classroom

Is ADHD a Spectrum Disorder?

How To Support Students That Never Come To School

An On-Site Advocate for Every Student

Federal Judge Finds Racism Behind Arizona Law Banning Ethnic Studies

'Redshirt' Your Kids? Study Adds Fuel to a Complicated Debate

Many parents spent the summer months deciding if they should send their young-for-grade children to kindergarten on time, or if—borrowing a term from college athletics—they should "redshirt" them for a year, ensuring that they'll be among the oldest in their classes.
working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research lends credence to the idea that children who are older-for-grade receive a measurable edge compared to their younger classmates over the long term‐they have higher test scores, are more likely to attend college, and are less likely to spend time in the juvenile justice.

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