Saturday, October 14, 2017

Educational Links 10/15/17

When The Focus Is On The Student, Not The Class

We need to talk about pornography in schools

The Problem Is Wasted Time, Not Screen Time

Reading Strategies That Work, According To Science

The 50 Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education In 2017

Leading Change: How School District IT Departments are Evolving to Become Technology Evangelists

Reading Strategies That Work, According To Science

Brain research is just plain fascinating. For teachers of reading, brain imaging studies (fMRI) provide windows into what’s actually going on in your students’ heads. There’s the middle schooler who is completely engrossed in a novel. And, there’s the young child with dyslexia who makes gains after intensive intervention. There’s so much brain research out there––and you have no time––so we’ve done the work for you. Here are brain-based reading strategies you can use right now.

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