Friday, December 22, 2017

Educational Links 12/23/17

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At a Glance: Classroom Accommodations for Sensory Processing Issues

Has Technology Changed the Way We Look Into Assessments?

3 apps that lead to improved executive functioning skills

Critical Thinking Skills to Help Students Better Evaluate Scientific Claims

Symptoms That Suggest ADHD

Civil Rights Commission Takes on Issue of Minorities in Special Education

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights—an agency with no policymaking power but with a potent megaphone—took on the complex issue of minority students and special education at a day-long session Friday. 
The name of the session, "The School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Intersections of Students of Color with Disabilities," offered a clue to the stance of some panelists who spoke before the bipartisan commission: That too many students with disabilities are being placed in special education, and once there, they face punitive discipline that puts many of them on a rocky path to incarceration.

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