Saturday, March 3, 2018

Women's History Month: Michelle Obama and Her Mom

Michelle Obama is a very unusual First Lady. She is brilliant (Harvard and Princeton trained lawyer), has style, both high end and low end fashion. Cares for the underdog, like Eleanor Roosevelt; loves her children, like Jackie Kennedy. Lives her beliefs (Christianity) through personal service described in the Sermon on the Mount. Her uniqueness is not that she is the first African American First Lady. It is because she brought her mom into the White House to help raise her girls, which is such a rare family thing for a First Family to do. And most importantly, she has an amazing manner of presenting herself with class and humor despite incomprehensible personal and rascist remarks. She has strength of character.

I won't repeat the negative comments but list positives.


Her 'Let's Move' Initiative as First Lady.

Museums and Gardens Across the Country Join the Let’s Move! Initiative 

Here are comments on rights for our kids, all of our kids.

Michelle Obama Calls Education The Most Important Civil Rights Issue 

And Michelle Obama is the least stuck up First Lady I can think of--she's quite a bit of fun.

Ellen Degeneres And Michelle Obama Had An “Uptown Funk” Dance-Off And They Shut It DOWN 

I also very much like Michelle's garden at the White House (and bee hives) and if kids don't like healthy lunches, I blame the junk-food-buying parents.French fried sweet potatoes are the bomb.

Michelle's mom is also quite a remarkable lady. Both her kids are very successful, and Malia and Sasha are blessed to have her close.

 The China trip: Michelle, Grandma Sasha and Malia exit Air Force One.

The elusive Mrs. R.: Marian Robinson, the White House’s not-so-typical live-in grandma 

Marian Shields Robinson 

Michelle Obama 

Michelle Obama 

National Portrait Gallery Unveils and Installs Presidential Portraits

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