Friday, May 4, 2018

Educational Links 5/4/18

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Test for Dyslexia: 37 Common Traits

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Top 5 Teaching Strategies

DBT: The Emotional Control Therapy You Need Now

Four Ways to Manage Thoughts and Behaviors

DBT skills training is made up of four modules designed to assist individuals in better managing behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.
  1. Mindfulness skills help members focus on the present and attend to what is happening in the here and now in a calm way. This helps people slow down and focus on doing what is needed to care for oneself in the moment.
  2. Distress tolerance helps people get through times when emotions are running high. It teaches people to soothe themselves in healthy ways rather than becoming overwhelmed by emotions or hiding from them.
  3. Interpersonal effectiveness skills involve helping people understand their needs in relationships and to develop ways of dealing with others to have those wants met in a healthy fashion. This involves respecting the self and others, listening and communicating effectively, repairing relationships, and being able to say no.
  4. Emotion regulation skills teach patients to decrease the intensity of their feelings, without acting on them.

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