Monday, June 18, 2018

Educational Links 6/19/18

Never Be Afraid to Advocate for Students, Says 2018 Teacher of the Year

Flexible Classrooms: Research Is Scarce, But Promising

Rejecting AP Courses

Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy Interactive

Stop Relying on Teachers to Teach Our Kids to be Good People!

Some autism traits may show up later in girls than in boys

Digital footprint? Try digital tattoo, experts say

In digital citizenship education, the idea of a digital footprint—the “tracks” students leave behind online as they interact on social media and put information online—is nothing new.
But lately, the digital footprint is being replaced by the digital tattoo, to emphasize to students the idea that any information they put online is permanent, just like a tattoo. Even if they think they’ve deleted it, it could have been saved or screen-shotted by others, or saved by the app or platform they use to post it.

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