Monday, July 23, 2018

Next Schoolyear...we'll have a healthier classroom

This schoolyear teachers, students, and families are faced with serious communicable health risks to every generation. The first precaution is timely and appropriate vaccinations. Then, teachers (and families) should provide healthy environments and experiences so students and staff are less likely to fall victim to this year's serious round of infectious diseases. Influenza is serious this year. Whooping Cough has made a comeback, with Measles coming right behind. When watching the news, its like a movie and you expect Dustin Hoffman to appear in full hazmat suit, particularly when patient zero spreads measles from Disneyland. What's a teacher to do?

Five Ways to a Cleaner, Healthier Classroom 

The heat is on overheated classrooms

In winter, the heat is often cranked too high in schools. And when the warm spring and early summer weather comes, many schools do not have air conditioning. Humid spikes in classroom temperatures foster sluggishness and even illness for people with medical conditions.

Teaching Students Healthy Habits 

Strategies to Keep Schools Clean and Students Healthy 

More Fresh Air in Classrooms Means Fewer Absences

15 houseplants for improving indoor air quality 

 Here's even more!
19 Houseplants that Clean the air

Vaccines are Effective 

Clean, Healthy Classroom Management Techniques

2017-2018 Influenza Season Week 28 ending July 14, 2018

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