Monday, August 6, 2018

Educational Links 8/7/18

Keep the Engagement Alive: Start the Year with Purpose

New Study On Posture & Learning – Here’s How I’m Using It In Class

1st Day Student Survey with Google Forms

Restorative Practices Can Transform School Culture

Three Ways To Use Google Classroom with Students with Low or No Vision

Teaching and Technology: The Promise and the Disconnect

Why PBL & STEAM Education Must Go Together

Teaching Strategies to Respond to Wrong Answers

What happens when a student participates in class, but gives a wrong answer? How do you respond? Getting students to participate in class is a struggle for many classroom teachers. So when a student finally decides to participate in a classroom discussion, but gives a wrong answer, it can be embarrassing or discouraging for the student to want to share again in the future. They key to responding to students’ wrong answers is the way that you react to them. Here are a few teaching strategies for how to handle wrong answers in your classroom.

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