Saturday, January 5, 2019

Educational Links 1/6/19

Back to School with G Suite: 6 Activities for the Classroom

Secretary DeVos: What Have You Done for Me Lately?

William Shakespeare: 400 Years Later & Teachers Still Love Him

Freed From Copyright, These Classic Works Are Yours To Adapt

Glorified Babysitting? 4 Common Teaching Misconceptions

Response: The Best Lessons 'Linger in Memories for Years to Come'

Download: Sample Picture Schedules and Visual Planners

Researchers can predict when a student’s mind is wandering. What should we do about it?

For some education experts, “personalized” learning isn’t only about figuring out how to customize the content of a lesson for each student, but also about how a student is taught. Many students are zoning out even when the instructional content is more or less right. They’re just not in the mood to focus and study.

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