Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Educational Links 4/17/19

When Did Parenting Become Overparenting?

Step-by-Step Lesson Planning Using Universal Design for Learning

The Utter Inadequacy of America’s Efforts to Desegregate Schools

Black Caucus Chair: Charter School Bills Overlook Too Many Crucial Questions

Gifted classes may not help talented students move ahead faster

Binge Eating Disorder Basics


We Need to Humanize Education More Than We Need to Personalize Learning

The ideas behind good personalized learning practices should be welcomed into the classroom, but the level of confusion the term engenders suggests there might be a better linguistic frame to catalyze greater impact. Perhaps in a nod to what the term represents, there is no consensus definition for personalized learning, making execution all the more challenging. Teachers, very understandably, often wonder whether or not personalized learning is just the latest re-packaging of a past pedagogy. Or they may wonder how to just get it done without wading into the waters of trying to define it.

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