Monday, April 8, 2019

Educational Links 4/9/19

What Every Teacher Should Know About ADHD: A Poster for School

Data-informed instruction can affect every lesson; here’s how

When it comes to vouchers, equity and equality are not the same

4 Things Teachers Shouldn't Be Asking Their Students to Do

How a Literacy-First Program Revived a School

Five Tips for Teaching Typing and Why It's Essential

Screen Reading Worse for Comprehension, Leads to Overconfidence, New Meta-analysis Concludes

More evidence is in: Reading from screens harms comprehension.
According to a new meta-analysis of nearly three dozen research studies published over the past decade, reading from paper has a small, statistically significant benefit on reading performance. 
One likely reason: Readers using screens tend to think they're processing and understanding texts better than they actually are.

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