Friday, June 28, 2019

Educational Links 6/29/19

Stifled Creativity and Its Toxic Impact on the ADHD Brain

What If Teachers Didn’t Focus So Much on Individual Achievement?

Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?

What It Means to Have ‘Impact’ in Education

Why Did That Student Fail? A Diagnostic Approach To Teaching

From their grasp of content and literacy skills, to their engagement level, to behavior and organizational issues, to teacher actions, to the proverbial “stuff going on at home,” the possibilities are maddeningly endless. The following 8-step process is a valuable tool for me as a teacher, so I thought I’d share a version of it here in hopes that it might help you. It was useful not only for me to see what strategic responses I had available to me as a teacher, but it was also useful for students to come to know what to expect.

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