Friday, October 11, 2019

Going to My High School Reunion-see you in a couple days! (update)

Chula Vista High School Class of 1969 (yes, 1969!)
I'm in the center front, looking a little leggy. I was Senior Class Secretary, so I got to sit in a good spot.

About one third of our class is meeting up in San Diego this weekend. Many of us have been FB friends for 10 years or so. I have to say it is kind of trippy to have found ourselves again. I left my hometown to go to college in LA and did not return-how cool to be able to meet up again and see how everyone is. I really love it when my classmates' grandkids look just like them!

My school was lower middle class in an area of San Diego County that started out as a Navy town, so when we were there, the majority of us were being raising by Navy retirees from WWII. Could be why it was peaceful, organized and we had such a good chance. Many of my class had scholarships (myself included) and education has brought us a good life. I feel that the scholarships California provided for us was a good investment-we've provided service in many ways-military, education, business, the Arts, medical, science, engineering.

Lots of fun opportunities at CVHS- I got to edit the school newspaper, The Spartan Campus. Could be why I'm still writing. The Speech/Debate Team was a very important influence, too. I'm grateful.

So, I'll be driving down in the morning to a nice resort in El Centro (the desert area of San Diego) for a chit-chat with kids I graduated with fifty years ago when The Beatles' Get Back just came out.
Linda and I did meet up!
As we get back to where we once belonged (so to speak), I'll be able to pay back the $1.38 I borrowed from my BFF Linda for that hamburger and chips at lunch on the Senior Lawn.

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