Friday, April 10, 2020

Promised You Poetry Resources--Here They Are

Haiku by Dick Brown

Poetry brings us immediately to the top of Bloom's Taxonomy of higher level thinking, triggering the growth of synapses in our brains as we struggle for personal meaning in the verse. Poetry satisfies our daily emotional nutritional requirements for serendipity, musical language, inspiration, mental challenge, comfort, schmaltz, and frequently, humor. Poetry is packaged in mystery, mathematical meter, and personal validation--equity in our own interpretations. I'm going to have the greatest time posting poetry tips every day for a month!

1. National Poetry Month 
Poem in Your Pocket
2. 30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month
Poetry on the playground.
3. Poem in Your Pocket Day 

4. Poetry Resources for Teachers

5. 6 Activities to Celebrate National Poetry Month 
Poetry Slam
6. April is National Poetry Month: 24 Great Sites to Check Out 

7. Poetry Everywhere 

So get planning--you Math teachers, too

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