Sunday, June 28, 2020

Educational Links 6/29/2020

Human Rights Aren’t a Political Agenda. Why Don’t Public Schools See It That Way?

How to Create Interactive Videos, Three Options

Virtual Teaching: Skill of the Future? Or Not So Much?

How to Keep Students’ Attention in a Virtual Classroom

Now is the right moment to measure educational disparities

America’s great remote-learning experiment: What surveys of teachers and parents tell us about how it went

The surveys offer more evidence that educators were right to worry that remote learning would exacerbate inequities. Over and over, Black and Hispanic students and students from low-income families faced more roadblocks to learning, driven in part by gaps in access to technology and the internet. And engagement with schoolwork was relatively low across the board, reflecting the challenges of keeping students engaged in a chaotic time and of teaching from a distance.

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