Sunday, June 14, 2020

Teaching Is Making A Kid Feel Uniquely Important

1. How Can Teachers Foster Self-Esteem in Children?

Teachers play an important role in nurturing a student's sense of dignity and self-worth. 

 2. Incorporating Cultural Diversity in the Classroom 

3. Social Emotional Learning

In the classroom, social skills come first. Keep kids on track with these ideas.

4. Social and Emotional Learning: What is it? How can we use it to help our children? 

5. Core Strategy: Social and
Emotional Learning

6. Why Champion Social and Emotional Learning?

It's not enough to simply fill students' brains with facts. Educators must also help children develop the skills to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts nonviolently, and make responsible decisions.

7.  Build Self-Esteem in Children

Some Thoughts on Helping Children Build Self-Esteem

8. Self-Esteem

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