Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Educational Links 7/9/2020


How to Teach Divergent Thinking

Pitting mental health against safety, national leaders point to SEL in school reopening debate

Coronavirus spike jeopardizes opening of schools, L.A. County’s top health official warns

Top Pediatrician Says States Shouldn't Force Schools To Reopen If Virus Is Surging

Teachers Are Suddenly The Frontlines In the Fight Against COVID

Will Kindergartens Be Empty This Fall?

Kindergarten is more than just a time of high emotion for parents. Kindergarten readiness is an area that has received increased attention from educators and researchers as well. Kindergarten readiness assessments are mandatory in more than half the states, with the idea that they can help teachers better understand their students’ needs. Other states and communities have programs intended to help children get off to a strong academic start by smoothing the transition between home and formal schooling.

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